St John The Baptist Church

Social, groups and organisations

A centre for many interests

Sedlescombe Parish Church is at the heart of the village. Not only does it provide the spiritual home for parishoners, it is also a conduit for a variety of groups and organisations.

Some of these groups are detailed below. All groups welcome new members, so if you are interested in any of these groups, don't hesitate to get in touch with them. It could open up a whole new world for you!

Cafe St Johns & Mini Market

What to expect

Held on the first Thursday of each month in Sedlescombe Village Hall, just down the hill from the church, our coffee mornings area a great way to meet other locals and make new friends!

Do join us to browse our stalls selling home made cakes, books, puzzles, bric-a-brac and plants, & enjoy a coffee or tea and homemade scones - a chance to get together & chat!

Doors open at 10am.


What to expect

For centuries church bells have sounded across the country to call people to worship, in celebration of special occasions, in remembrance or to mark special events. In the very early days, the bells were “chimed” to make a sound but the ringers had little control over the order in which the bells sounded and therefore the “music” they played.

In the sixteenth century, church bells began to be hung with a full wheel enabling the bell to swing in a full circle and back again. This gave ringers control of their bell, allowing sets of bells (rings) to be rung in a continuously changing pattern.

Bellringing is a team activity that stimulates the brain and helps keep you fit - and it also makes a glorious sound! Many consider ringing to be their contribution to church life, others do it for the pure pleasure it brings.

At Sedlescombe Parish church, bellringing practise is held once a fortnight on a Wednesday (VERIFY). New members are welcome, so please get in touch if you'd like to try your hand at campanology!

Friends of Sedlescombe Parish Church

What to expect

Friends of Sedlescombe Parish Church Heritage Trust is a registered charity (Reg Charity no 1027001), formed by the late Beryl Lucey.

Trust members are made of people apprecaite the architecture and history of the building. The trust aims to raise funds to assist in the care and maintenance of the Church, its fabric and furnishings.

The trust organises charity events a throughout the year.

If you'd like to get involved, or help raise funds to keep the building maintained, please get in touch with Judy Torrance on 01424 870344.

Sedlescombe Parochial Church council???

What to expect

Sedlescombe Parochial Church council ........

Meetings are held on .......

Please get in touch with us using the contact form if you require more information.